Saturday, June 21, 2008

Night in Park City...

Friday night we went with my whole family to Park City. We all just needed a night away, and figured we would go...
We bought Bridger this wet-suit with the floatation pads built in to it and he called it a "Bra"
Jas, Sash, Me, Bridg, Shay, and Kenyon hanging out in the hot tub.
Even Grandpa Sherm got in the hot tub

We swam in the 'tool' as Bridger calls it. He has absolutely no fear and was such a fish. I could'nt turn away for one second because he was jumping off the edge of the pool into the water.

Splish Splash Everyone In The Bath!!!

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We stayed in the Suite in the Marriott Mountainside Resort in Park City...Our room had a huge tub in the bathroom so all of us girls (and Bridger of course) thought it would be fun to have a big bubble bath...we had a blast!

The Coaster Ride in Park City

Right before Bridger and Cole started up the hill Bridger turned to me and said I am scared mommy..after a few minutes he was yelling woo-hoo! He had so much fun!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Orem Summer fest Fireworks

Every year go watch the Orem Fireworks with my family...I wasn't really sure how Bridger would like the fireworks, but he thought they were really cool....He kept yelling, "shoot it, shoot it." I think he thought someone was shooting a gun somewhere with the loud booms...
Bridger didn't like it when I got in his way trying to take a picture...

We had to be sneaky to get this picture of Papa, he did'nt want his picture taken that night..
The whole Gang!