Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wyatt and Hunter....

I can not believe how fast Wyatt is growing...he is 4 months older than my little nephew Hunter and is double the size!!!

Snow Days!!!

Well it has finally snowed!!! Bridger and Mikha had a fun time out in the snow...Bridger was doing snow angels, and throwing snow at me...which is apparently the funniest thing...because he could not stop laughing. Mikha loved to catch the snow balls in her mouth, and had so much fun letting Bridger throw snow at her!! Now I can not wait for Christmas to come!!!!!!!


So I got a call at work last week from a very upset Cole, he called to tell me that Bridger had a hole in his lip from his front teeth going through it...and that he was taking him to the hospital....yes I panicked because this is the first real cut or ouchie that has happened to my little man....I left work and met Cole and Bridger at the doctors office. The doctor came in and checked him out and told us that it would scar worse if she did stitches, so they decided to leave it and let it heal on its own....bridger was so cute, he wanted Cole and I to call everyone we knew to tell them about it. As a mommy I think it was harder on me than it was on Bridger, but we made it through and now he says he is a man because he has bled!!!

Brodey Kincade

our cute new nephew......