Friday, February 13, 2009

A little update....

I swear Bridger has been sick most of the winter with just about everything you can imagine. So last week I took him in to the doctor to have him checked out...come to find out he had a sinus infection, so the doc gave him a prescription for amoxicillin. Well with my luck, Bridger is allergic to the amoxicillin and has only got worse and broke out in a horrible rash. My poor little guy is soooooo sick and miserable. I feel so bad for him, and wish that I could just make it all better!

After I took Bridger in to the doc today I had a doctors appointment to have my blood pressure checked sinse it has been high for the last few shocker, it was still high. So lucky me had to go to the hospital for tests and now I get to pee in a freakin jug for the next 24 hours. I sometimes wonder if I will ever want to have another baby after this because of all the fun things I get to go through. The doc told me today that from the way things are looking right now they will probably induce me a few weeks early...yeah!!!!!! That I am excited about=)

Hopefully the tests come back normal and this little guy can stay in and cook a little longer though..And hopefully Bridger can get better soon!!!

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My little Fish

We took Bridger up to Salt Lake where My Brother and Sis in-law were staying for the weekend so Bridg could swim with the boys.

Here is Colton..they are all such little fish!

Gagers doing some underwater tricks!

Bridger loves his uncle Clint soooooo much!!!!

Uncle Clint was teaching Bridger how to keep his mouth closed when he jumped in and went under water...Bridger was concentrating so was so funny. I swear he has no fear when it comes to water..kinda scary but thank goodness for Clint being there to catch him.

Awww....I just love this boy soooooooooo much. He is seriously my best little buddy!

After the boys were done swimming they took a tub in the hotel room and just chilled on the bed watching spongebob and eating beef jerky.

Best buds...This is my nephew Gage. He seriously has the kindest heart ever..he loves Bridger and is so cute with him.

Sweet hair Gagers!!!!!