Thursday, January 27, 2011

Been a long time......

Wow its been forever since I have found the time to update this thing!! A lot has happened in the last few months so sorry if this is long and boring and sorry for all of the pictures. Wow, where to begin....I guess I will go clear back to the summer.

My baby boy turned the big 1!!!!

Although he is super naughty most of the time we sure do LOVE this guy!!!!!

We spent the fourth of July in Torrey just like we always do!! I have the most amazing grandparents that live there and we love to visit them every year!! We always enjoy the little town parade and celebrations. And of course shooting guns and riding four wheelers is a must when we go down there!

We also spent alot of time up at the cabin this summer.....hunting, riding four wheelers, fixing up the cabin, and hiking!  The boys absolutely love it up there as do I and Cole!

This year we decided to let Bridger come out hunting with us one evening and he had the time of his life! Cole even gave him his very own knife! Wyatt just loved playing in the dirt!

And yes call me crazy, but I LOVE Hunting!!!!!
I love being up in the mountains with my family, and I love spending time with my hubby!
This year we hiked our butts off, and I loved every minute of the torture Cole put me through! We got in the middle of a herd of elk, and I loved hearing them bugling and calling to each other...we got pretty close to a nice bull....and I even got to be there when he shot his elk! (and all that goes along with know like gutting it and dragging it out.) But yes, I loved every minute of it and can not wait for the hunt this year!

 Bridger had his surgery on his chin. They cut it open and removed a lump, and cut out a whole bunch of scar tissue. Hopefully that will be the last of the surgerys for a while with that poor kid.
This is a few days after the surgery...

In the mean time.....Wyatt......has learned how to climb up everything...destroy everything.....beat up his older brother and cousin.....but.......he has been sooooo much fun!!


My dear Grandpa Fraughton passed away.......Grandpa Fraughton was born July 11 1935 and passed away on October 7 2010

We were lucky to have known him.......
He was a friend to all he knew and will never be forgotten!!

We had a big family dinner just before he left this earth......Love you gramps!!!!


We had a great time on halloween....Bridger was a moose again this year...Wyatt was a bear...I was pocahontas....and cole was yo-gabba-gabba!!

Just have to throw these in here............


 my favorite part of Christmas.....
my grandpa playing the guitar while we sing Christmas songs......

And our favorite thing up at Soldier Hollow

 Well I am sure I have missed alot .....but I will try and keep up this year!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

I want to wish my little sister Cierra a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!
She is the big 1-7...It makes me feel so old!!
We love you CJ!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Where has the time gone??

Okay so life has been super crazy lately, between 2 little boys that are into everything, and keep us crazy busy, our busy jobs, and the winter funk weve been in, there is no time to post..but here I am finally...both boys are sleeping so I figured I would try and do a little catch up.......Sorry but this may be a little long and boring...
So Bridger had another little accident and put his teeth through his lip again...I swear this kid needs to wear a helmet all of the time...This time we will blame it on the home teachers who just happened to be there at the time to share this with us.... Note to self: don't start out a home teaching lesson with you tube videos that get kids all wound up and make them think they can fly and climb walls...and result in face planting into the cupboards and mom yelling "Shit!" really, really loud. Anyways, he is okay, just banged up!

Thanks Bridger for being one tuff lil guy! We love you!

Wyatt gets his first haircut...

Wyatt got his first haircut the other day...its crazy how blonde he is after cutting off all of his dark ends. I will have to post pictures of him after...he was covered in hair and put in the tub right after!I love the look on is face!

Surprisingly he sat really still and let Cole do it!

Bridgers Patriotic Program at School

Bridgers Pre-School, Kids Village, put on a patriotic program last week. It was so cute to watch Bridger perform for us...he was quite the little show off!
They sang songs and did actions with them....
He loves school...which I am glad for, and he has learned so much there!

Just a few random pictures...

Wyers eatin some breakfast...
Bridger and Wyatt pulling things out of the drawers...seriously why buy kids toys when they can just have some plastic spoons and measuring cups!

Bridger strikin a pose!
Can't believe how grown up he is getting.

How could you not wanna kiss those cheekies off!

Christmas..just a little late....

This year was Wyatts first Christmas....he was so much fun...he was mostly interested in tearing the paper...he didnt care much about what was inside.....

Bridger asked for a bra, a hulu hoop, a purple wig, a wedding dress, and a slingshot this year....NO he didnt get everything he asked for....just the hula hoop, and the sling-shot...and a lot of other boy things!

We had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at my moms where my Grandpa Sherm played Christmas songs on his guitar...Bridger got out his guitar and helped Grandpa...I look forward to that every year! We love Christmas because we get to spend so much time with family!


Cierra, Josh, and Steph
Amy Jill, Keno, and Shayli...made the best piligimists ever!

Bridger and Elle

My little monkey!

Bridger, Wyatt, Cache, and Cedar